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"Ideas shape the course of history." -John Maynard Keynes

October 2017 Monthly Insight: Thoughts on a Potential Market Correction

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“I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men.” –Sir Isaac Newton The Wright brothers successfully conducted the first manned flight at Kill Devil Hills, NC, on December 17, 1903. However, an aircraft’s movement through the air can be explained and described by physical principals discovered over 300 years ago by Sir Isaac Newton. He developed his theories of gravitation in 1666, when he was only 23 years old. Twenty years later, he presented his three laws of motion in the “Philosophiae...

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September 2017 Monthly Insight: Five Financial Tips for Women

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You may wonder at the title of this section. Why are financial tips for women different from financial tips for men? Don’t we all need the same information? The answer is no. Women are different from men in many ways, including the ways in which they manage money and learn about finance. Eleanor Blayney in her book “Women’s Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence” reveals that, for women, money is a source of both worry and reassurance. Women also see money as a finite resource; men see it as renewable. Women tend to feel...

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Some Thoughts on Charlottesville, White Supremacy, and Race in America

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As many of you know, I am a graduate of the University of Virginia. I applied to UVA because I am an ardent fan of Thomas Jefferson (or Mr. Jefferson, as we say at the University) and his philosophy of government. I also fervently believe in the American Creed as defined by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness—that to secure these...

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August 2017 Monthly Insight: Social Security Trust Funds: Financial Trouble Ahead…Maybe

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“We put those payroll contributions there so as to give the contributors a legal, moral, and political right to collect their pensions… With those taxes there, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.” -President Franklin Roosevelt, as quoted by historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Social Security Trust Funds: Financial Trouble Ahead…Maybe On July 13, 2017, the Trustees of the Social Security insurance trust funds released their 2017 Annual Report. The report’s true purpose is to notify Congress of the funds’...

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July 2017 Monthly Insight: On the Importance of Ignoring Distractions and Financial Literacy

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Ignore the Distractions Beyond last month’s synopsis regarding how the markets are reacting to Washington, we’ll stay out of the political weeds and let you form your own opinions. The current environment in Washington is generating an enormous amount of political uncertainty. But, political and international uncertainty has yet to generate economic uncertainty. Hence—and this is important—it really is about the economy. We were told by the pundits that political gridlock and any unraveling of Trump’s tax cut and infrastructure agenda would...

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