Women and Money (Webinar)

Women and Money_Sherbakoff Webinar

It’s no secret that women face many financial hurdles not often faced by men. Longer life expectancies, fewer years in the workforce, the pay gap—these are all external forces that work against us. 

Not to mention our society has a bad habit of teaching women that someone else will be there to handle their finances instead of teaching them how to handle it themselves. 

But that stops today. 

Join me in this exclusive webinar as I uncover the truth about women and money. I’ll walk you through:

  • How your financial picture differs from your male counterparts 
  • 5 things every woman should know to succeed in her financial life 
  • The one step you can take today to secure your financial future and gain financial confidence

As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, I’ve spent decades helping women take back control of their financial lives. And as someone who has raised three kids, gone through two divorces, and dealt with a lot of financial uncertainty over the years, I understand the struggles you’re facing today.  

My mission is to empower you with the tools and resources you need to confidently take on any challenge that comes your way. That’s where this webinar comes in.

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About Kim Spencer, CFP®, CDFA®

Kim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) practitioner, as well as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA®). Kim began her career in the banking industry in 1987, where she stayed for 19 years. In January of 2016, Kim joined The Nalls Sherbakoff Group, LLC. Many of her female clients have reached a time in their lives when they’re ready to get serious about financial literacy and being good stewards with their money, which requires gaining control over their resources, organizing all the pieces and simplifying their lives. Kim’s passion is helping clients of The Nalls Sherbakoff Group, LLC, work through that process. To learn more about Kim, please connect with her on LinkedIn.